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I was born and raised in California. My mother was an antique dealer and her mother dabbled in antiques. I guess that makes me a third generation antique dealer.  I went to school for interior design, yep…..never did anything with it. I thought I was happily married for 25 years. I have 6 fabulous kids. I rented 5 spaces in an Antique shop in California. I was living the dream……okay; I worked on convincing myself of that.

2016 my world turned upside down. I got a divorce. I decided that I didn’t want to afford $3,500 a month for an apartment in California.  I was planning on moving to Juno Alaska. This is when God completely took over my life (thank You). I visited Marietta Ohio.  I walked down Front St. and saw the cutest store in all the land. Dark, empty with a for sale sign in the front window. I walked in, and was greeted by the owner. Loved the store……but I was moving to Juno, Alaska. Gave him my number and continued exploring this adorable community. I went  back to California and put my California home on the market.

I couldn’t stop thinking about Marietta. The owner of the store called me. I informed him that I couldn’t afford anything until my house sold. He responded with “I’ll hold it for you”…….. This is crazy I thought to myself. Not part of my plan…… I have since learned a very valuable lesson, I actually don’t have a say in my plan, or I should say, the plan seems to always work better when I have given it over to God. I felt that this is where I was supposed to be. So, I loaded up all of my stuff, a cargo train and a half, said good bye to some dear friends, and began my journey.

So, here I am in Marietta, Ohio, surrounded with a community that has opened their arms and wrapped them around me. They have given me more support and love than I thought could be possible! I am beyond blessed.

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